‘‘Mathematics reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty’’- Archimedes                                                                      

The Department of Mathematics in Kabi Jagadram Roy Government General Degree College started its journey from the very beginning of the establishment of the college in 2015. At first, the department was affiliated to The University of Burdwan. However, the department has been affiliated to Bankura University from the academic session of 2016-2017. Presently, the department offers undergraduate general course in mathematics. Since 2015, eminent teachers have taught in this department and offered a cordial and supportive environment for learning to the students so that they could develop their skill in the field of mathematics. The department is equipped with seminar library containing more than 250 books of different authors. Presently, two full time teachers are available in the department. The faculties are devoted to continuously improving the quality of teaching and learning process so as to create advanced students. Besides teaching, faculties are engaged in active research works and administrative activities in the college.

SL Name of Faculty Disipline Contact/Email Details
Sri. Biswajit Bera
Assistant Professor (HEAD)

Mahammad Yasin Khan
Assistant Professor